The Splatter Zone

evil dead the musical

So, I had a bloody good weekend. It was pretty awesome but then I’m an Evil Dead fan. A normal fan, not a die hard Deadite. I’ve seen the movies more than a couple of times but I can’t quote any lines. I only remember the good times they bring and the fear of trees they continually renew. There’s no spoilers in this post, just some highlights and other stuff worth sharing.

First, there’s the splatter zone. I wasn’t in it. I sat behind it and that’s plenty close. Getting bloody has never been this fun or fun to watch. Every one had a good time. It definitely leaves you wishing there was more blood, and that’s good.

In case you don’t know the story, five friends go into the woods to an isolated cabin and stumble upon the book of the dead. Cue the orchestra, literally. The best song’s, “WTF Was That?” The runner up song’s, “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by kandarian Demons.” The best line’s, “This is my Boom Stick!” And the runner up line is, “You’ve ripped my….”

The humor’s uneven at times and almost never in good taste. But if you wanted something tasteful you would be reading a food blog, not this post. The musical feels more like a play with funny songs. A lot of the story is told in dialogue, some by a moose. And it has the best use of jazz hands I’ve ever seen. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, did I mention there’s a splatter zone?

Evil Dead the Musical is worth checking out. You can get a taste of the cast here on twitter. I’m especially glad I saw it at the Long Center, it’s spacious, clean, and makes anyone cool, literally. Whether it’s hot, humid, or muggy in Austin, the Long Center’s the place to be. Comments are welcome, or if you prefer to leave a private comment use this form. And if you were in the splatter zone let me know how, or if, you got all the blood out.

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