The Dying Tree

dying tree

How would a tree grow without its roots? I don’t know. It might learn to steal water or to catch rain, nature usually finds a way. But whatever way it grows, it wouldn’t be the tree it is today. I know that.

I also know, I wouldn’t be the man I am, if I just met my sisters today. Is that an entirely bad thing? No. I might be a more fun person, a kinder guy. I might be a lot of other things. But I wouldn’t be their brother. I can’t imagine meeting them at a party and thinking, ugh she’s kind of boring. Or worse, she’s kind of cute. I get a little sick just typing that, at least they don’t read my blog.

They mean a lot to me, good and bad. They’re responsible for many of my scars, emotional and physical. While yes, it would be nice to imagine a life where I haven’t hurt them and they haven’t hurt me. That’s also a life where we haven’t helped each other. And that’s a very sad way to have lived.

So then, how would a tree grow without its roots? Lonely.

About: Today’s post combines this week’s Absurd writing challenge with the writing prompt, Delayed Contact. This post’s title and opening question struck me strongly enough to keep writing. They also stayed with me after I finished writing, so I felt it fit with the weekly challenge. I hope they’re stimulating enough to keep you reading. Comments welcome or if you want to leave a private comment use this form.

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