Dear Reader

dear reader

Am I dreaming? Are you waiting to hear from me, to read what I write? I doubt it every day but believe it every night.

I don’t find writing easy but it’s fun. What do I have to say that someone else wants to read? That’s my big insecurity. I’m smart, pleasant, and realistic. The last one’s often mistaken for pessimistic. But there’s a difference. A pessimist assumes everyone’s bad, a realist knows bad people. That’s why I write.

I know what I know but there’s always more I don’t. I want to see something different, or differently. I want to imagine something, anything simply because it’s fun. That’s why I write.

Why do you read?

© Chic Prune 2014


8 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. I read out of curiosity. I like to experience what other people think and find the similarities or differences with my own thoughts. Doing that stretches your mind. I find your feelings familiar, I also doubt. Only doubting you will improve! At least I see it that way.

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  2. Reading fills an emptiness I sometime struggle with. I tend to look specifically for fiction, whether supernatural, suspense, humor or snark in order to escape realism. I’m a bad person – I don’t have any interest in current events, politics or anything remotely connected to those. I get enough of that from my resident curmudgeon.


  3. I like realism and think we need more of it. I find overt optimism a bit irritating at times especially when it involves the sweeping of problems under a carpet. Better to be realistic and keep them out in the open for solving.

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