The Teacher

the teacher any questions

I hate vacations. I have to shower before I get an espresso. And I never fit in. I look like I don’t belong. Looking different invites trouble, it means you stand out. And that makes you vulnerable. People pretend to know you, like this joker, or pretend to help you. But the joke’s on them. Strangers pretend, I teach.

I love teaching but learning isn’t always easy. A good teacher must be willing to repeat themselves. But I’m not a good teacher. I don’t repeat myself and I don’t give grades. Grades are proof I did my job. Proof isn’t something I leave behind.

You may be looking for me but you don’t know me. That’s the lesson I teach. Any questions?
About: This post is in response to the Daily Post prompt, Greetings, Stranger, as well as this week’s writing challenge, Kill Your Darlings. It’s inspired by a line from a movie where a word in one language means teacher but in another language it means crime boss.

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