Namaste Y’all

chic prune namaste yall


I’m Indian Macgyver, no relation. I’m from Chutney, Texas. A small little town that’s hard to find on a map because it’s only in my head. But it’s a great place to visit. Drop by if you get the chance. If you don’t, visit Chic Prune instead. In some ways it’s better than Chutney. It’s just as fun and it actually exists.

I’m looking to have a good time with this blog. I’m an Indian born and raised in Texas, and I’ll try to be brief, clear, and humorous with as many posts as possible. There’s no specific topic here so things might get messy. That’s why I take my whiskey neat.

Please say, “Hi.” My main blogging goal’s an active comment section. So to help that along here’s a list of conversation topics I’m always happy to discuss:

  • my dog, he almost always smells like a vacuum
  • creature features
  • doctor who, i watch via netflix so i’m behind but i don’t mind spoilers
  • tv, foreign or american and if i haven’t seen it tell me why i should
  • movies, movies still in theaters not so much
  • books, books on tape/cd/mp3 are also in the mix
  • writing, any variety and length
  • The Daily Post’s postaweek and writing prompts, never done one yet are they fun?
  • still the best conversation starter’s, Hi.

First impressions aren’t easy so it’s best to keep them short. Looking forward to posting weekly. Till then, namaste y’all.

© Chic Prune 2014


11 thoughts on “Namaste Y’all

  1. Namaste! Your blog design is beautiful and I love the variety of writing here. Great to be in touch.

    I have never been to Texas, I hope one day to travel there! I have seen Dallas on TV. Does that count???!! ;-D


    1. thanks lita, i have to give credit to the celsius theme for design. but the writing’s all mine! Dallas counts, only if Little Britain counts for me.

      likewise i’m glad we connected with the writing challenges. just saw the new one sounds fun.


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