Shake A Tail Feather

And get on over to the Mother’s Day Post at for a quick laugh and then a big “ahhhh how cute!”

Or maybe it’s the other way around. But it’s a win-win either way.

If you’re into the weekly photo challenge then you’re in for a treat. The post lined up perfectly with this week’s theme – I couldn’t have planned it any better if I’d tried (seriously).

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Can you hear me?

I’ll stop there as Adele does it just a little better than me – take my word for it. But if you are listening or reading, as is more likely the case, please know: I know those of you who took time and care to leave a comment or a post over the past few, slew months deserve more than a Hello from me.

Quite frankly you deserve a Hello from Adele but as her tour hasn’t reached me yet (among many, many other reasons why) I can’t make that happen. So bear with me as I do the next best thing and find y’all again and return the kindness.

Thank You!
– I.M.

The Emperor’s New Blog

Look at me now! You might want to cover your eyes if you’re easily flustered. There’s no nudity if that’s what you’re fearing or hoping (but thank you whoever you are). No there’s just me in all my blogging glory.

I’m finally ready to unveil the NEW & IMPROVED Chic Prune (though I’m not sure the veil’s ready to drop). It’s so new, in fact, it’s a whole other blog,

I say ready but not like ready, ready. More like, “Your suit’s ready Emperor Macgyver.” In other words the blog’s pretty naked right now. If it were a house, the walls would be painted but the rooms would be bare. Bare as in empty, people (sheesh mind gutter much).

Now most emperors would demand you tell them their, ahem, blog looks great. They might also demand you follow them implicitly (even though they mean explicitly). But not me.

First I’m no emperor (if I were man oh man but I digress). Second I’m not going anywhere, keep checking here and I’ll keep dropping links to (Here a link, there a link, everywhere a link. Oh Macgyver had a blog 1, 0, 1, 0, 1.)

The only big difference for now is the comments section will be turned off. I’ve got some catching up to do as it is. If you must leave a comment kindly do so at (you wonderful commenter you!).

Well that’s it for now.

As I said I can’t make you check me out, but you can sneak a peek if you like. 😉
— So tell me, like what you see?

Halloween Safety Advice

Remember Witches and Warlocks are people too.


Halloween PSA © B. Mac' 2015
Halloween PSA © B. Mac’ 2015

So be careful where you park!
Have a safe and Happy Halloween, Y’all.

This public service post brought you by,
The National Association for the Advancement of Witches & Warlocks.

Illustration by B. Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015

Addams Family Therapy

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

Cara Mia! What kind of creepy Addams Family therapist works there?

– B. Mac’

I swear B. Mac’ said that — hand to keyboard. B. Mac’ swears she saw that sign too* and I believe her. While she can draw and, occasionally, she’s even got a way with words, she really can’t lie.

But, B. Mac makes a good point. Therapy isn’t always the answer. And it’s definitely not the answer when towels, scented candles, & your parents are involved. That, let’s just say, feels counter–productive.

Her question’s good too. That sign says just enough to make you wonder, well maybe too much. C’mon, it takes a certain type of character to mash those two treatments together. A je ne sais quoi quality. Better yet, a Tobias Fünke quality.

So I drove to the office to book a full, half, or quarter hour and get B. Mac her answer (and maybe get the kink in my lower back worked out). Instead I got a happy ending I never saw coming. B. Mac can’t really lie, but I forget she can’t really see either.

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

While the therapist may be more normal than I imagined, B. Mac’s way stranger than I ever dreamed. Really, what person would ever think to combine family and massage therapy? I’ll tell you who.

“She’s creepy and she’s kooky,
Ridiculous and goofy,
She’s altogether ooky,
She’s myopic B.Mac.”

*I changed the name of the doctor. Speaking of changes, those who read my last post please know I’ll be writing a follow up soon…and thanks for sticking around too!

Illustrations by B. Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015

Indian Macgyver Says

Edward Albee forgive me. I got nothin’ for this week. But not because I’m taking it easy. No, I’m hard at work changing a few things while trying to change as little as possible.

Talk about a delicate balance — seriously what’s the play about again?

Enjoy the weekend y’all!

© Chic Prune 2015

Wish I Were There

© Cousin Mac' 2015
© Cousin Mac’ 2015

I should be on vacation with family and friends but I’m not. I should be drinking in the smooth ocean breeze and an even smoother mojito or two but I’m not.

I should be reading more blogs. Heck, I’m Indian Macgyver. I should be doing a lot with what I got—but I’m not.

Now I could complain, explain, or change my name but I’m not. Instead I’ll do what I do, I’ll make the best with what I got.

I don’t have mint and I don’t like rum but I do have limes and a tequila I love. I can’t drink the ocean breeze but I can drink a margarita or two or three and let your blogs wash over me.

Simply put I’ll be reading more blogs. I drink enough margaritas already — cheers!

Photo by Cousin Mac’
© Chic Prune 2015

Indian MacGyver, Psychic Blogger

© B. Mac' 2015
© B. Mac’ 2015

Episode 2:
Can’t Fight the Moonlight

The following story is true and fascinating. Well, it’s true anyway.

I’ve written about my useless psychic abilities before. I say, useless, but the more appropriate word may be, pointless.

These powers don’t make me any money. I still don’t have a tv show (yet). These powers don’t help me solve crime. I haven’t nabbed any murderers (yet). And these powers don’t entertain my friends. Yet I keep talking about them. Continue reading